Healing Hearts Services


Youth Groups

At Healing Hearts, the well-being of youth and young people is a top priority for us, and our youth groups offer those age 12-18 the opportunity to work together and advocate for themselves.

The Leading the Next Generations Youth Leadership Curriculum helps the young people we work with build the skills necessary to carry our communities into the future in a healthy and optimistic way. The curriculum is flexible, making it accessible to all regardless of work and school schedules. Contact us for more details on getting involved in our youth groups and taking the first steps toward improving your community.


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Mental Health First Aid

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Healing Hearts supports a Youth Advisory Committee and an Adult Advisory Committee whose role is to take into account the needs and wants of each population and to help build healthier communities through communication and the sharing of ideas and expertise. These committees have led (and continue to lead) to the creation of inclusive, relevant programming and build a bridge between providers and those served.

In addition, for community members who are unable to make or attend appointments in the traditional way, Healing Hearts’ outreach program continues to provide behavioral health support in ways that are accessible for all.


Residential Services

Sometimes outpatient care isn’t enough, and the youth in our communities need more advanced support. We work hand in hand with Butterfly Healing Center, a residential treatment center dedicated to serving youth age 13-18. Staffed by members of our own community, it’s not only a place of solace and healing, but a place where empathy abounds and each teen’s unique needs as a Native youth are understood fully. For more information about Butterfly Healing Center and the services offered, please click the button.