Safety • Support
Healing Hearts is a safe harbor for youth and families who want to
strive for wellness and overcome mental health challenges.
Who We Serve
Communication • Connection
Healing Hearts is a bridge for family members and the community
to learn how to effectively manage mental health issues.
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Healing Hearts: Who We Are

Healing Hearts is a Circle of Life Behavioral Health Network program, administered by Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Inc. (ENIPC). We provide a bridge between behavioral health programs within the Eight Northern Pueblos of New Mexico and the communities they serve.

Who We Serve

At Healing Hearts, we serve youth, teens and their families, and through that service build healthier, more stable communities—one individual at a time.


What We Do

Our primary goal is to create positive, culturally relevant communication and relationships between service providers, youth, and families. Through social media, educational mental health and wellness summits, events, and trainings, Healing Hearts promotes positive messaging, positive relationships, and positive interactions. Our goal is to assist service providers and clients with support for a seamless and consistent System of Care.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to being a positive force in our community and to holding space for behavioral health services that take cultural traditions into account for each of the Eight Northern Pueblos. Through our work with families, adults, and youth, we build a brighter future one day at a time.